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The Pet Club App

A Must For Concerned Pet Owners, Like Yourself - Who Want The Best Care For Their Pets.

Step Into To A New 

Worry-Free-Life For Yourself, And A Long And Pain-Free-Life For Your Pet!

Compliments of --> Dr. B and Dover Shores Pet Care Center

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All you need is your smartphone !

Dr. B's Pet Club

Dover Shores Pet Care Center

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  • Access your pet's medical records.
  • Request Rx Refills
  • Schedule Appointments. 
  • Upload photos 

  • Touchless Curbside Checkout
  • Chat with our team

  1. Download the App.
  2. Sign in and register.
  3. ...Use your best email. 
  4. Add your pet to the selfie wall.

In your Smartphone Settings:


This is  great a way for us to stay in touch...

Dr. B - Bruce Bauersfeld DVM

Dr. B

  • Connect with Dr. B and Your Pet Health Care Team.
  • Simplify your pet care.
  • Receive timely notices when your pet needs vaccinations, check-ups, preventative care, et al.
  • Urgent FDA Pet Food Recall Notices!
  • Articles discussing critical aspects of pet health.
  • Gain confidence in your pet care skills.
  • Touchless Payments/ direct through the APP
  • =================
  • Portal for Telemedicine. 
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  • And  This Is Just The Beginning!