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Coronavirus Update



Dear Friends,   Rest assured we here for you and able to support you during this difficult time.  Veterinarians are are included under essential services and may continue to operate under the Governor’s orders.

Rest assured we are able to safely provide medical care for your pet.

here at Dover Shores Pet Care. 

Also, know that dogs and cats exposed to COVID-19


Because we are a small independent provider of veterinary care with a dedicated team, we can more easily comply with all the regulatory and CDC safety guidelines!


  • All of our procedures are modified to comply with CDC AND SHELTER-IN-PLACE guidelines.
  • Our standard of care sanitary procedures have been ramped-up.
  • All necessary surgery, dentistry,  treatments and out-patient procedures are proceeding as scheduled.
  • Curbside concierge service for pickup, delivery, and out-patients is now the standard of care.

Read the full story... 

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Healthy Pets Change Lives! — Let us show you how!


PawCast 2020


DrB. Bruce Bauersfeld, Veterinarian

Dr. B LIVE Friday@ noon

Where you can ask

Dr. B - Anything!

Don't miss the next episode!

Cats and Corona

Special Edition

Monday - Saturday 

COVID-19 Flexible Hours - Please call to confirm your appointment  and review NEW curbside protocols.

DrB, Bruce Bauersfeld, Veterinarian

2075 Newport Blvd #112   -  Costa Mesa, Ca 92627

Can Dogs and Cats Get Coronavirus
Coronavirus is classified by the CDC as an emerging disease. This means that it is new! And thus it specifically[...]

Dover Shores Pet Care Center Highlights

Itchy Pets Are Our Specialty:

DrB. Bruce Bauersfeld, Veterinarian

If your pet has the seasonal itchies, we can solve your problem. We are experts in diagnosing and treating skin issues and can assemble a treatment regimen that will solve both Fido's short and long term aggravation and suffering.

State of the Art Diagnostics:

We are equipped with the finest in-house laboratory, and we contract with the premier veterinary reference lab, so you can be assured of timely and accurate results.

Fido (or Fluffy's) First Visit

We understand that your pet’s first visit to a new veterinarian can be a stressful time for you both. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible. You can fill out a new patient form and request an appointment online, and we have a wide range of hours to fit your schedule. We encourage you to bring any previous records to your first visit, along with a list of any questions that might have.

Did You Know? 


Digital Radiography

DrB, Bruce Bauersfeld, Veterinarian

Digital Radiography: We are fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art digital X-Ray equipment. Digital radiographs provide the most accurate images, thereby helping to assure a correct diagnosis. Additionally, this equipment operates with the lowest radiation burst possible, minimizing exposure to both your pet and our staff

Travel  Health Certificates 

USDA/APHIS Certification: Are you traveling with your pet?  Do you know when a Health Certificate or other documents are required? We do! Contact us today and let us help you navigate the paper trail so that you can have an easy trip with your pet.


OFA Certifications 

Does your dog need to have its hips or elbows certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals? We can help! We work closely with the OFA and can obtain timely certification with the best results.

Quality Service

We pride ourselves on providing personalized veterinary care like you've never experienced before. No question is too big or too small, and we will tailor a health plan specifically for your pet’s individual needs.

Super Support

Our patient care team has been assembled with you, the pet owner and worried mom and dad in mind. We understand that when your four-legged friend is ill, no one is happy. We strive to lower your stress level, provide the support you need, and get your beloved friend on the road to recovery quickly.

Award Winning

Dr. Bruce Bauersfeld, D.V.M. was named the "Distinguished Alumni Of the Year" by his alma mater The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. more...

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