Do You Worry  About  Your Pet?

Do You leave your Vet's office with unanswered questions?

Are you confused about your pets' medication or treatment? 

If so... You Are In The Right Place ....

 Find Expert Veterinary Solutions Here

 And Give Your Pets
The New-Life They Deserve.

Here's The Problem...

Your internet search has given you tons of information. Probably too much information. Information you might not have a clue how to safely apply.
Some of it conflicting...
Some of it reassuring...
Some of it very scary...

Which is correct?

What Should You Do With Internet advice?

  • Use Dr. Google's remedy and hope it works?
  • Use Dr. Google's remedy and pray it does no harm?
  • Keep on searching and waste precious time?

Waste Precious Time during which...

your Fido Or Fluffy 
Continues to get worse

Continues to suffer.

Here's Your Solution... 

Dr. B has pioneered procedures to insure that:

  • Your pets examinations are complete.
  • Explanations are clear, concise and not cloaked in "Medicalaeze".
  • Treatments meet or exceed the Standard  of Care.

puppy and kitten

DrB. Bruce Bauersfeld, Veterinarian

child hugging a cat and dog

At Dover Shores you join a new family of pet care health professionals with the mission of bringing New-Life to your pet.

Here your worries are assuaged, your questions answered, and your pet's problems are solved.

Our solution includes an invitation to Dr. B's renowned
live weekly conferences were you can Ask Dr. B Anything...

This is a fireside-chat-setting, where you can continue to discuss your pet's health from the convenience of your home, phone, or computer.

Our Goal is for you, and your pet, to leave our office with....

  • Clear Understandings
  • Answered Questions
  • Effective solutions to your pet's problems
  • Invitation to Ask Dr. B Anything

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New-Life for you and your pet... is a click away

  • Your pet will live longer, and be happier when he is pain free.
  • When your pet is disease free and pain free
    He will be happier and live longer.
  • Your long-term health care costs are greatly reduced.
  • You will become a worry free pet owner and enjoy a long and happy life with your beloved companion.