DrB. Bruce Bauersfeld, Veterinarian

Can Dogs and Cats Get Coronavirus

Coronavirus is classified by the CDC as an emerging disease.

This means that it is new! And thus it specifically has no documented knowledge base.

Public health officials react to emerging diseases using an established systematic approach that is designed to identify the nature of the disease and limit its spread. 

What we know... 

All evidence that we have to date strongly points to the fact that our pets


There is a report out of china of a dog owned by an individual who had COVID-19 infection.  That dog was tested and was "weakly positive". - The dog never developed any clinical symptoms.

... at his stage of the emerging Coronavirus Disease, there is no concern for our pets. They are neither susceptible to the infection nor carriers of it.

The CDC official recommendation for pets is for owners and family members to wash their hands after changeling their pets.

Pets in the household of a person with an active COVID-19 infection. Shoud be walked, fed, and cared for by another person.

I trust this helps....