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We Care For Your Pets As If they were our own.... For over 25 years Dr. B. and your pet care team have been striving to provide quality, affordable, patient care to the greater Orange County community.   Our website is designed with that purpose, and has been developed with your needs in mind.   Great care has been exercised to provide you with accurate information tailored to your requests. We have avoided technology glitter for technology's sake.   We are committed to providing you, our subscribers, with content that is interesting, informative, and useable. Your continued comments and feedback are both welcome and necessary for us to give you what you want and your pets need.

In this age of explosive information barking at us 24/7, my goal is to provide you with a go-to resource that is trustworthy.   A site where you can expect to have the information you want and be able to access it easily.   Thank you for you continued suggestions and support.  –  Dr. B…

Are On-Line Pharmacies Safe? According to a recent story on the CBS news program “60 Minutes,” (link here: 36 million Americans purchased medications from online pharmacies last year. Unfortunately, some of these pharmacies are completely unregulated. According to an FDA spokesman, counterfeit drugs are an “exploding problem with which we can’t keep pace.” The FDA’s website contains a list of hazards associated with online pharmaceutical sales, including medications that are expired, have the wrong potency, have dangerous ingredients, aren’t labeled, stored or shipped correctly, etc. Just as alarming is the lack of protection that your personal information receives. Many online sites sell your sensitive data to third parties, and there is no guarantee that your banking records will not be shared. To keep your pet safe, provide competitive pricing, and protect your privacy, Dover Shores is proud to introduce our own online pharmacy. You can be assured that your prescription will be accurate, as all inventory comes directly from the manufacturer. Your personal information is kept strictly confidential and our shipping is immediate. Please stop by our pharmacy and ask Dr B. or the team for details.

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